Kramer's Health Foods

Chicago, Illinois


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My new downtown spot!!! This place is great and I maybe the target audience...I got 6 delicious bean pies and couldn't help but smile at the fact that now...right downtown in Chicago everyone has the chance to try this wonderful creation. Plus I stocked up on my incense and went home happy and resolved to shop each week!

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This is a well stocked grocery store with tons of supplements. However, I've been disappointed with their food selection. I've gotten at least two expired items there by accident (the second time I realized it before I paid for it), and I had a vegan cookie from there that was rock solid (maybe it had expired as well...). The grooming products are a little better, but not much. I purchased a deodorant there and when I got home and opened it, I found it was all dried up. Not good.
Upstairs, they have a little cafe where you can get vegetarian food and smoothies. I ordered a veggie burger here and I was disappointed to find that it was just a microwaved boca burger.
I wouldn't recommend it, unless you are downtown already and absolutely need something.

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This place sucks. I debated giving it two stars, if only because it's the only vegetarian restaurant downtown, but I don't want this place on the front lines of what vegan and vegetarian food represents.

For one thing, the cafe portion looks like a church basement, and a dirty one at that. Floors are scuffed, there are boxes everywhere, the tables aren't wiped, and the kitchen area looks miserable.

They offer different pre-made daily specials (the day I went they had a fried rice dish, along with some kind of panini), none of which can be modified.

We ordered off of the regular menu (which is confusing and doesn't label what's vegan). We had a veggie burger ($5) and also a vegetable burrito ($5). Both were awful. The veggie burger was a Boca patty that they literally microwaved in front of me and then slapped on a bun. The "burrito" was a cold, clammy piece of tortilla with soggy, steamed vegetables. No salt, no spices, no seasoning of any kind.

The service was terrible: unfriendly; disorganized; and slow.

I recommend staying away from Kramer's if you enjoy the taste of food, or if you're looking for a good vegetarian/vegan experience. This one would turn you off immediately. Go to Karyn's on Green in Greektown instead.

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