Long Island Vegetarian Eatery

Long Island, New York

Closed as of Oct 1 13

3601 Merrick Rd
Seaford, NY 11783
(516) 785-5483


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American vegetarian foods with mockmeats, open late

Killer tofu sticks, mock sweet and sour chicken and more.

Open late and caters to the rock crowd.

Added by conde.kedar on Dec 19 11 (last updated Oct 20 13)

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It's not the healthiest, but it doesn't try to be. It's vegetarian/vegan bar food and it's delicious. Love the jalapeno poppers!!! Chik'n Parm is excellent as well! Go here when you're sick of salad!

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I really wanted to like this restaurant. The premise is cool, but .... well, the food is really bad. First, they use way too much processed food. They use fake meats from vegie world....I don't know if it tastes like real meat, but the fake meat is really unappealing (to me). Everything is deep fried. I had a couple of things there in the few times I was there...I had the "sweet and sour chik'n" and well, it was greasy, too sweet and kind of gross. I also had the vegetarian chili on another visit and ...well, it kind of tasted like Hormel's Vegetarian Chili from a can. Nothing there is really cooked. It is just kind of taken from the freezer and deep fried and then put in a sauce.
They added a salad bar, but that was kind of lame too. They were out of tomatoes the last time I was there and the dressings were commercial dressings...I am not even sure that they were vegetarian (I asked if they had gelatin in them....and the guy behind the counter wasn't sure. He wasn't vegetarian and wasn't very aware). I hate writing a negative review because I really want to support vegetarian and vegan restaurants...and I hope they make it and evolve...but honestly, it is not really worth a special trip. Also, they have deep fried oreos on the menu as a dessert....a friend of mine who is not vegetarian ate them and loved them, but honestly, it didn't appeal to me. They also had vegan whoopie pies....but I prefer something a bit less sweet.
One last thing...they are attached to a bar (next door) and if you need to use the bathroom, you have to go to the bar. It was raining the last time I was there and I was kind of annoyed that I had to walk outside and go to the bar to get to the bathroom. The bar is nice and the employees in the restaurant were nice.....I just wish they were not so obsessed with fake meat (and obsessed with not serving anything healthful).
Will I eat there again? Maybe, but only if they change the menu and add more dishes with grains and vegetables....

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11am - midnight
11am - 3am
11am - midnight

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