Tibetan Kitchen

Middletown Area, Connecticut


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This is a small, quaint Tibetan place with decent food, albeit slow service. I started off with an order of "dali," a lentil soup appetizer ($3) that was basically just Indian dal (lentils with spices). The dali tasted good but it was too watery for my likes; I wish they'd boiled it longer to thicken the soup into something heartier.

For my main course I had the "shogo ngopa" ($8.50) which was potatoes cooked with garlic and turmeric in a yellow curry-esque sauce. It was served with an order of flaky roti, akin to the roti you get in Malaysian "roti canai" dishes. I thought this dish tasted fine, but the portion size was small (you could get three times as much food at a Chinese take-out joint) and the dish didn't really "pop" in any way.

Most of the vegetarian dishes are vegan, but some of them are made with milk or cheese, so make sure to ask questions. The staff didn't seem to know the word "vegan" (surprising, given that it's Middletown and full of students), but they did understand "no milk, butter, cheese or eggs."

It could be that I ordered the wrong dishes, but nothing seemed particularly distinct from Indian or Nepalese food. While I know that India, Nepal and Tibet all share borders, and similar foods, I was expecting some surprises at Tibetan Kitchen, which never showed up.

Tibetan Kitchen sadly has no vegan desserts, nor do they have healthier whole wheat options or brown rice, which is also a shame.

In general, Tibetan Kitchen makes decent food that isn't too heavy or oily. The portion sizes aren't great, but the prices are fairly low, so it all balances out for the most part. If they had more vegan options and more distinctly Tibetan dishes I'd definitely recommend them; as it stands, this place offers a slightly different take on traditional South Asian dishes, but doesn't really distinguish itself from your average Indian or Nepalese restaurant.

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