Mexico Lindo

Cloquet, Minnesota


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We stopped here for lunch on the way back from the Iron Range. I had to ask the typical questions at Mexican joints in order to find out what's vegan. Turns out the rice is made with chicken stock but the beans don't have any lard in them. So I ordered a plate of vegetable fajitas, hold the rice, with beans, and corn tortillas (hold the sour cream on the side and cheese on the beans). A little convoluted, of course, but I've found this is the way it goes in most Mexican joints.

The chips and salsa was really tasty and the veggies in the vegetable fajitas were fantastic! There was a wide variety of veggies — mushrooms, peppers, zucchini, onions, and more— and they were cooked just right in a delicious chile-lime marinade. Wrapping them with some beans, lettuce, tomatoes, and guacamole in corn tortillas made great tacos.

I have to figure out that marinade. It was so good!

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Vegetarian friendly, but beware of the rice as our server thought it was made with chicken stock. For vegans, beware. Despite a very friendly note on the website saying they will accommodate vegan diets, we had horrible luck with a veggie fajita plate because they included rice we asked them to remove and kept adding cheese on the beans (even after we sent the first one back because of the cheese.) Very friendly, tasty food, great salsa and chips. Just has a ways to go to live up to its promise of being accommodating to vegans.

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