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This is the first experience I have had with Ethiopean food and I was very impressed. Such a great atmosphere, too. A very cool dining experience.

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I really like this place a lot. The food is really good and relatively healthy. The wait staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the decor is nice.

I've never had Ethiopian food before, so I have no comparison, but I think their food is really good. If it's your first time, I recommend getting the vegetarian combo platter. You can sample 3 or 4 dishes, plus their bread (which has an interesting "spongy" type of texture).

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Having eaten Ethiopian from Germany to San Francicso, it would be hard for a Pgh eatery to live up to the best (Meskerem, in Adams Morgan / DC). Not the worst, though!

Not huge portions, and not inexpensive, but a good introduction to this interesting cuisine.

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Not bad food - although they get away with prices being a little high since they're the only Ethiopian place in town.

I recommend the Misir Wat for somebody who likes spicy food (like Indian) but has never tried Ethiopian. Shiro Wat is also good, although Abay's has somewhat of a strange after taste.

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Warm & cozy atmosphere, with great food & friendly staff. The best Ethiopian food I've had. It is a BYOB establishment with a corkage fee of $2.50 per bottle.

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