Birdbath Bakery

Manhattan, New York City


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I've been to all of the Birdbath locations and they're all lovely. The company is truly dedicated to being green and even delivers their goods in bike taxis! The 1st Ave location (the first one, I believe), is tiny and there's no room for seating. They now offer 10% off if you arrive by bike but used to offer 50% (I think it cut into their prices). The West Village location is large enough for a few people to seat, and while this 3rd Ave location doesn't offer space to sit, they have a great variety of savory foods that the other locations lack.

The standard vegan bakery items are chocolate chip and oatmeal/raisin cookies. Both are good but they're not my favorite cookies in the city. Last time I was at this location, I got the smoked tofu and edamame hummus sandwich, which was fantastic! The bread was burned around the edges and I was a little surprised they would use such blackened bread in their sandwiches, but everything else about the sandwich was right on. There were many different flavors and textures and it made the perfect dinner on the go.

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