Reading Terminal Market

Philadelphia Metro, Pennsylvania


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This place is fantastic! While the various meat counters are pretty gross and off-putting, I was very happy to see so many fresh produce vendors, many of which were specializing in locally-grown and organic produce. I really enjoyed the pianist in the center area and listened to him play while I ate, which was a real treat.

As mentioned in the restaurant entry, there's only 1 all-veg restaurant, but most restaurants offer at least one or two veg options, so when you combine all the options together, it's a sizeable vegetarian menu. I was particularly impressed that one cheesesteak place had a big photo sign advertising their "100% vegan cheesesteaks", which appeared to be the only vegan item on the menu aside from the fries. Unfortunately, they don't have vegan cheese....yet!

The Chinese places had various fried rice and noodle dishes and the sushi place had several vegan sushi options. While I wasn't particularly impressed with Basic 4, it's nice to have an all-veg restaurant there.

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