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This place is pretty good, although I admit I have only eaten here about three times. I have sat on the patio each time, maybe I'll try sitting inside one of these days. My favorite dish is the Jackfruit Salad; they do it up right. The location is probably the biggest drawback for me, as I'm just not into the whole Main Street HB thing. What keeps me from rolling here more often is that my wife just isn't a fan of the place.

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I love Bodhi Tree. The food is fantastic and they treat you like you're family (especially Huong!!!) The first night we arrived in HB was Thanksgiving 2010 around 8pm. Everything was closed. We were scared that we would have to scrounge something up in WalMart. That would have been scary. And then we saw Bodhi Tree. It was like a beacon in the night... the lights were still on, so we parked and went in. They were breaking down their Thanksgiving buffet and getting ready to head home, but they were so gracious and offered to serve us everything they had on the buffet! The plates of food kept coming and everything was amazing. From the incredible faux turkey and ham to the mashed potatoes with gravy to the cornbread with maple butter (OMG) to the soup, salad, veggies and tons of desserts, everything was so delicious. Made us feel like we were home, when we hadn't even moved in yet!

We went back for Christmas eve since we couldn't fly home to be with our families, and it was soooo good.

I also love their non-holiday menu as well. Their thai coconut soup is one of my favorite soups ever. The jackfruit salad is awesome. And my husband has a hard time not ordering the sizzling beef every time (in fact, he does order it every time)! The grilled vegetable skewers, shrimp spring rolls, sizzling rice, orange peel chicken and hot and sour soup are also among our favs.

The desserts are so yummy too. The bread pudding and tiramisu are wonderful and taste even better than their non-vegan counterparts, probably because you know you're eating a dessert that comes from a place of love and compassion! :-)

We've also had great experiences at their special sunday brunches and are looking foward to the next one!

All in all, I highly recommend Bodhi Tree to everyone!!! Even our non-vegan friends have loved it!

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The food here is amazing and they are very creative with it. They have everything from salad, to turkey dinners, to vegan ice cream! Its a great little spot off of main street. It's a little bit more expensive than the Vietnamese vegan restaurants around the area and they use a little bit more tofu than mock meat but still a good find.

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So good! Come here at least once a week. There are so many options I just roll through them all and I can't decide what's the best. Fairly cheap as well, even for a tightwad like me.

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This is perhaps my favorite Vegan Restaurant in Orange County. My husband and I have been going for years, and it is still as great as it was upon our discovery of the place.

Yes, the Spring Rolls are great. Our other Favorites are:
Grilled Vegetable Skewers
Anything (Beef, Veggies, etc.) in their Spicy Peanut Butter Sauce
Braised Vegetables w/Tofu
Dry Vermicelli w/ Assorted Soy Meat
Sweet Rice w/ Taro + Mango
The Combos on the Lunch Special Menu, and
Their Sandwiches

But our absolute #1 FAVORITE is: the Jack Fruit Salad on a Bed Sesame Chips. It is totally unique and delicious.

We also have had the artichoke tea -- unusual but tasty.

This Family Run restaurant is so friendly. As another person said, the wait staff, especially Huong "who-ung", the daughter, remember you and your "regular order".

A wonderful place to eat!

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I love how close Bodhi Tree is, I live right down the street. I LOVE their desserts.. banana bread pudding, sweet rice with mango, young coconut!!! Sooo good! I am a bit finicky about their entrees. I have tasted quite a few and think if you get the wrong one, they taste like a tv dinner. They do have a lot of options though. I prefer the lobster (it's amazing). And their appetizers are great. Best vegan eggrolls ever!

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yellow chicken---MMMM! we also had the fried rice soup, my boyfriend says this is the best vegan food he ever had! we were there in january and going back this weekend! we live in arizona!

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My husband and I go to this restaurant at least once a week. It is the best Asian food I have ever eaten during my vegetarian and non-vegetarian years. My favorites are: the spring rolls -very refreshing & filling. The spicy "chicken-less" satay yellow noodle soup -you can add wontons to this soup, very delicious. The Bodhi Tree Spicy fried rice is also excellent. All the flavors combined in their dishes make eating a very pleasant experience. Our waitress already knows us, and what we order. Service is great, people are friendly, and the food is EXCELLENT!

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I go here whenever I’m on Main Street. Which is quite often. I’m a sucker for the boba they have there. I just wouldn’t recommend the avocado one… I just don’t think avocado should be sweet if its not just being used for texture. My favorite is the crispy duck and the wonton appetizer. All my non-vegan friends love the place too. My best friend likes the fried banana dessert. All in all this is a comfortable little restaurant with good food and good service too.

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We went to Bodhi yesterday and were SO impressed! We got the orange chicken and it was to die for. I also tried the "Beef in Spicy Peanut Butter sauce" and it was pretty good too.

Not only was the food great, but the waitress was really on top of it. I had picked out the little pieces of cilantro from my hot and sour soup (does anybody actually LIKE that stuff??) and had the tiny leaves on the side of a plate. She walked by and asked if I didn't like cilantro. I said no, and she said "OK, I'll run to the kitchen and tell them not to put it on your entree!" Wow, I was impressed that she was so observant and then went out of her way to please customers. It is a family run business - I can't wait to go back!

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