Beaches and Cream at Disney's Yacht and Beach Club Resort

Orlando, Florida

Has vegan ice cream offerings

A 50's themed diner serving up traditional American fare and vegan ice creme.

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I had first heard about Beaches and Cream through a coworker who raved about the delicious Ice Cream treats served up in an authentic diner style atmosphere. Immediately upon hearing about Beaches and Cream I had put the table serve restaurant on my Disney Restaurant to do list, hoping to get a chance to try it during my time here in Florida.

Then today ironically 4 of us out of the 6 of us that live together just happened to have the day off, I suggested we all venture off to the Yacht and Beach Club Resort for a delicious dessert. My one roommate Scout, a connoisseur on all things Disney excitedly informed me that Beaches and Cream was amazing, she then continued to rattle off information about the different desserts, basically giving me a full overview of the entire menu, she was definitely on board. The simple promise of ice cream was enough to entice my other two roommates, Brandi and Kailey to also make the trip!

I will admit I was a bit hesitant about Beaches and Cream as far as finding a vegan dessert, although I was quite positive that they like most Disney Restaurants carried some type of vegan friendly ice cream I didn't too expect much, a simple bowl of tofutti or rice dream vanilla ice cream would be enough to satisfy me!

Never would I have ever thought it would be possible to enjoy a traditional ice cream dessert served at a non vegan ice cream parlor, then I went to Beaches and Cream were I was quite happy to be proven wrong.

Beaches and Cream is a cute 50's style ice cream parlor complete with counter service and high top bar stools, a jute box, and a pastel color scheme. This simple restaurants serves standard American fare including juicy hamburgers, perfectly golden french fries, and of course delectable ice cream desserts. Beaches and Cream is probably most well know for their Kitchen Sink Special, a huge dessert which includes 8 scoops of ice cream, all of the toppings offered in house, and an entire can of whip cream, talk about a yummy dessert! However, if this sounds like too much for you don't even worry with an immense selection of ice cream sodas, milkshakes, and sundaes to choose from your sure to find something you like.

After a 55 minute wait (which was totally worth it) we were finally seated in the small but cozy ice cream parlor. I informed our waitress that I was a vegan and asked her about some of the topping choices, she was very good about finding out specifically what was vegan and reporting back to me. She also informed me that the restaurant carried both Toffuti and Rice Dream brands of ice cream in the location in chocolate and vanilla flavors.

Looking at all the ice cream choices I was pretty stumped about what to order, so I simply created my own ice cream sundae which featured the winning combination of chocolate, peanut butter and banana.

My ice cream sundae was served to me in a traditional sundae dish with a hard peanut butter coating over the chocolate ice cream and sliced banana, a dish of warm creamy peanut butter also accompanied the sundae. Of course it wasn't long before I poured that over my ice cream and was happy to enjoy the combination of cold and warm ingredients together...YUM!

The Sundae was so delicious, In fact a guy at the table over from us curiously inquired about which menu selection I had chosen, after telling him I concocted the sundae myself he gave me his nod of approval and told me it looked quite good!

My roommate, Scout decided on the Mickey Mouse Sundae, made from a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream, two Oreo cookies which resembled the mickey ears, two chocolate chips which were made into the eyes, and a cherry used in place of the mouth, I have to say her mini sundae was quite adorable!

Kailey, another one of my roommates decided to go for a traditional soda shop favorite, a good old milk shake. Made with creamy vanilla bean ice cream, topped with whipped cream, peanut butter chips, and a red cherry!

Brandi ordered an Ice Cream Soda, which was made with vanilla ice cream and seltzer and doused in a cherry topping, quite an interesting combination of ingredients, but I am guessing she enjoy it seeing as her soda cup was completely empty once we left

Beaches and Cream is a cute place for dessert or a quick bite to eat. The prices are also quite reasonable! Unfortunately Beaches and Cream does not take reservations and due to their limited seating room and famous ice cream treats you can pretty much count on a long wait, however, with table side seating along the pool, and an action packed arcade located next door, their is plenty to keep you occupied while you wait. There is also an express take out window which offers a limited ice cream menu. Beaches and Cream is open for both lunch and dinner 11a.m.-11p.m.

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