Biology 701

Saint Cloud, Minnesota


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After reading the reviews on this site for Biology 701, I was really excited to check it out while I was visiting St. Cloud this weekend. Sadly, the food was a bit disappointing. We tried to order the fried tofu and the mango avocado salsa appetizers, but they were out of the fried tofu, and the salsa really wasn't a salsa at all, just pieces of cut up mango and avocado with cold mozzarella daiya mixed together. We ended up getting the hummus and pita chips instead, and it was kind of plain. We also ordered the vegan pizza, and that is the only thing I would definitely order again.

I was told by some local St. Cloud residents that since the old chef left, the food has gone significantly down hill, and you could tell. However, the atmosphere is great! The staff is really nice, and they have a regular drag show every Sunday night around 9:30pm. The LGBT community is so warm and welcoming at this bar. I would definitely make Biology 701 a regular stop if I lived in St. Cloud. I'm just not sure I would eat there all the time.

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A friend and I ate here for lunch today. The food was superb! I had the green curry panini with tofu, cucumber salad and a cup of their Mediterranean soup. Everything was very fresh and flavorful. The green curry was the star of the sandwich with a generous amount of tofu and grilled veggies. The service was excellent and the decor is modern with a relaxed atmosphere.

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I loved my experience at Biology 701! The food was excellent. Bio is one of the only places in St. Cloud where vegans actually have options. I couldn't decide between the vegan pesto pizza or the tofu curry pannini. I opted for the tofu strips with satay sauce (appetizer) and the pizza. Both were delicious. The tofu was perfectly prepared.
My only advice is to lower the price on the tofu app or give more tofu strips. Tofu is relatively inexpensive, so (to me) $6.99 is a bit steep.
I didn't mind paying $12.99 for the pizza. It's big enough for at least two to share, so if you are like me and order it solo, you will (should) have plenty of leftovers.
Also the staff is super helpful, friendly and knowledgable. Our server was vegetarian and had been vegan for a while. When I tried ordering a smaller sized pizza, she informed me that the crust on that wasn't vegan. I thought that was really great!
Another could-be set back is the ambiance. I like the fact that it's bar-restauranty, but if you are looking for a quiet, intimate setting, this is not it. However it's fun to mix it up once and a while :)
Biology 701 is a MUST try if you are veg and in the St. Cloud area!!

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