Physical GraffiTea

Manhattan, New York City


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What a great little tea shop! Best of all, it carries vegan baked goods. This is exactly what the East Village lacked till recently and happened to be exactly what I was looking for on a Saturday afternoon stroll.

Physical GraffiTea has dozens of loose-leaf teas (sold by the ounce) and reasonable prices for pots of tea (around $4-5 for a pot for two). You can also get second steeps. Like any good tea shop, they carry a range of blacks, greens, oolongs and decaf herbals.

As noted earlier, you can also buy vegan baked goods here. When I went they had a flourless chocolate cake, a pumpkin cookie and one other thing. Pretty simple selection, but it's always nice to eat something with an afternoon cup of tea.

If this store had some savory food items (hummus, baba ganouj) and more seating it would warrant another star. As it stands, I'm glad it's around and I will return.

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