Acadia Cafe

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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The vibe was good and I had great company with me as dining companions.

I was disappointed that I was unable to get a vegan veggie burger - the explanation was something around that they make them ahead of time with the cheese on them and stick them in the fridge.

I got the vegan veggie sandwich instead which was ok - fresh chunks of vegetables (onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, green peppers) on toasted bread with hummus and guacamole. The fries were good - hand-cut with the skins on some pieces. I had an iced tea, which was tasty. Didn't get a chance to check out the beer list, which seems to be most of the reason to come here.

I don't think I would go back again unless I was with other people who really wanted to go to Acadia.

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Acadia is a fairly cool bar/cafe with a cozy, lived-in feel. It seems like a smaller, slightly softer version of Triple Rock.

I came here and had one of their few vegan items, a house-made blackbean burger ($8 with tax). They also have a hummus sandwich and some boring items of that type. The blackbean burger normally has non-vegan cheese and chipotle mayo, so make sure to specify you're vegan.

The burger was okay. I felt the patty was too beany and dry and the streak of guacamole they added didn't really help to moisten things up. Other than that, you get your standard fixings such as a pickle, onion slices, a piece of tomato and a piece of lettuce. The bun, a dry white flour bun, disappointed me. Is it too much to ask for a fresh, simple, wholewheat option?

The fries that came with it were also decent but not great.

I'd come to Acadia for a drink with friends (they have a large and diverse selection of beers both bottled and on tap) but their food is mediocre for vegans.

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Good coffee, good beer (and a good variety as well), good food, great atmosphere, and it's open later than restaurants. Need I say more?

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The atmosphere is comfortable and the food is great. I love the egg sandwich and breakfast bean burrito. The coffee's good too. Fun to people watch here.

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They carry Rush River Beer on tap, the brewery is owned and run by a vegan in Wisconsin. I haven't tried it, but my husband liked it quite a bit.

They do have some sandwiches labeled as vegan on their menu. I didn't try them - I had a banana, which cost .80 cents and was good.

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