Los Vegetarianos

Mexico City, Mexico


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The restaurant is very cute and I absolutely loved sitting next to the window, where I could overlook the street and admire the old architecture and people-watch. That said, I was really disappointed at how heavily the restaurant focused on eggs and cheese. They (vegetarian) items offered were mostly items easily found in non-veg restaurants, like quesadillas, scrambled eggs, and cheese enchiladas. That said, the waiter went back to the kitchen several times to ask about ingredients and to see what could be made for my friend and me.

Turns out that the only veggies they had to stuff our enchiladas with were potatoes and carrots. The potatoes were pretty good but the carrots were just carrot shavings without much flavor. Fortunately, both the salsa verde and the mole sauce were very flavorful. Each meal came with beans and fruit or juice, and we got a basket of bread to share. Not bad for about $6 each.

It appears that many of the vegetarian restaurants in Mexico focus heavily on either eggs and cheese, and/or are limited to uninteresting hot dogs and veggie burgers. I would recommend just eating at taco carts on the street, which have more variety. I would normally only give this place 1 or 2 stars based on the lack of creativity, but since many other veg restaurants fall into the same category, it gets a 3. GO TO GOLD TACO!

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