California Vegan

Los Angeles, California


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The service is minimum, and not that friendly. The food is disappointing, lacking in both flavor and quality. If you cannot Go anywhere else and just need to fill your stomach, then maybe you can Go here, otherwise, with so many much better vegan restaurants in the region, I don't understanding Why anyone would Go here again after the first time.

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I live in the mid-west and we have no restaurants like this. On a trip in 2009, I tried both locations of California Vegan. I enjoyed the Orange "Chicken" the most. The salad was a delicious mix of greens, the spring rolls were crispy (although a bit too oily for me, but i dabbed them off), and the orange sauce was delicious. I'm unsure if it was a "homemade" sauce or something prepackaged.

Price wise, I didn't find it expensive.

either way, I make it a point to go to this site (or the other one in town) whenever I'm on the West Coast.

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I would say go to a different Thai restaurant as this one is a bit overpriced and there is better Thai food around here. However if it is truly vegan, then that's Awesome.

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This place is excellent. I have been a vegan now for quite a while and love being able to go to a restaurant at which I know I do not have to worry about the ingredients used. The best thing about the place is the fact that it is super-fast, super-cheap, and super-good. Healthy options and large portions make this a must go!

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I just moved from NYC. And this place is incredible.
For Under 10 buck,ya! $10!!! U can have Miso soup,Salad,Spring roll,Brown rice,my Thai yellow curry with soy chicken...and yeahhh That 10 buck included tip 4 them already...oh! also a nice view along SUNSET BLVD ^_^
I know this place because my side kick said there's a VEGAN place on SUNSET...(she saw the sign) Then i just drove there by myself.
Food is great,the Salad come with peanut dressing which to die for (but the romaine's too little green,i mean i like the heart part). My yellow curry is a heavy, heavenly delight.
The staff are so nice.They have nice smile,always communicate and offer me what they can help...(check out the pictures,see? i told you)
One thing that i very like it is the Atmosphere which is relaxed and homey. They blessedly deliver too!!!

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