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When you first arrive, the sign looks like the 'V' and the 'O' fell off, but later you realize that the 'V' is two wheat strands and the 'O' is a tomato. The relatively small, but modern space is welcoming and comfortable with toasty brown paint, faux muslin shades, and a mint green accent wall. The bar (turned service counter top) in front of the kitchen is situated in such a way that when I entered I thought that they would take my order first and then sit down. So, if you go, sit down, they'll come to you.

Following one friend's recommendation, I ordered the Basil Leaves Lunch Special with Soy Pepper Steak, but they offer eight different types of "protein" that you can switch out, so you can have the same lunch combination 8 different ways. This wide of a range of meat substitutes is the most expansive I think I've ever seen at a vegan place. This friend was actually already eating this dish when we arrived, so I knew it had to be good since he comes at least once a week to this restaurant.

The Lunch Specials came with Tom Yum Soup, spring roll, salad, and steamed brown rice. This item is marked spicy and they mean it. Basil leaves is a misnomer for how hot and spicy it was. Also, they list it as a "spring roll", but I consider them egg rolls since they're deep fried, which is what I prefer. My other friend ordered the Pad Thai Lunch Special with Soy Chicken which was good, but a little dry.

I enjoyed this place and will probably visit again the next time I'm at the Beverly Center.

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I love, love, love (most of) the food here.

The trick is to know what to order. The menu is MONSTROUS, and some things are more awesome than others. While there are several dishes which aren't memorable, the good stuff will leave you addicted to this place.

The chicken satay appetizer is deeeefinitely my fav dish; eat it and melt from the unbelievable deliciousness. You can also get the satay in a burger or wrap...both super yummy.

The kamut pancakes with banana are irresistible!

Their best dessert is the sweet roti bread with banana and chocolate peanut butter sauce.

A note on parking: there are nearby residential streets where you can park for free if you happen to arrive at Vegan Glory when there are annoying valet fees.

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We recently tried this restaurant and although the food wasn't bad, we were disappointed. Everything seemed kind of average, from the Tom Kah Kai coconut soup which was laden with tofu, veggie "chicken," and lemongrass that we couldn't chew and kept having to fish out, to the red curry which had too much cabbage in it. The food was pretty forgettable, and we were annoyed at having to pay to park in the restaurant's parking lot. All in all, not an exciting place to eat. I much prefer Ayara Thai Cuisine for Thai food, even though its not a vegetarian restaurant. I doubt we will be returning to Vegan Glory.

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Vegan Glory is a nice little joint, though the food didn't blow me away as far as Thai cuisine is concerned.

The "chicken" satay appetizer was excellent, with richly textured chicken and a wonderful peanut dipping sauce on the side. This was the highlight of the meal. My pepper steak basil stir fry was decent, but nothing special. It didn't have the array of flavors that Thai basil stir frys are supposed to have (sweet, salty, crispy and soft). The pepper steak itself was just hydrated tvp and nothing fancy. My friend's green curry was too heavy on some seasoning, which corrupted the curry taste. Also, both of our dishes were a tad too spicy, though we weren't even asked about spice level when we ordered (note: I grew up eating Indian food, so I know spice, and if a dish is spicy for me, it'll be spicy for 99% of the world).

The service was fast and friendly. Prices and portion sizes are good.

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I've been to Vegan Glory quite a few times and I've always thought it was average Thai food at above average prices. They have a few wrap/burger options as well, which I've never tried. Finally, the last time I went I tried the Praram's Plate which is soy chicken and spinach with a peanut sauce which out of all the dishes I've had is the only one I would recommend. They do have some Banana Spring Rolls which make the experience worthwhile.

The other very annoying thing is that at night the parking lot in front of the restaurant is "valet only." You have to pay $3.50 (the restaurant will validate $2.00 of it back to you) to have your car parked in a space right in front of the restaurant.

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