Gingersnap's Organic

Manhattan, New York City


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Gingersnap's is less of a restaurant and more of a small grab-and-go spot for raw dishes. There's not much seating and what seating exists is mostly counter space and one small table in the middle.

Considering the look of the place, I could not believe the prices. I wanted to get a dessert, but a single small slice of their raw pumpkin pie costs a whopping $14. That is outrageous, even given that the pie is raw and organic. A dessert at Pure Food and Wine, the preeminent raw restaurant in the US (if not the world) costs $16, but the portion sizes are much larger and you get the ambiance of an actual swanky restaurant.

Gingersnaps needs to radically alter its business model. It can't charge prices like that and expect people to actually buy anything, especially given the mismatch between its cramped and non-restaurant interior.

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