Pita Spot

Mystic, Connecticut


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Contrary to its name, its dining room is much larger than a tiny spot. Traditional American-Middle Eastern food, with all the expected vegan dishes such as hummus, baba ganouch, stuffed grape leaves, and falafel. The baba ganouch and stuffed grape leaves (albeit with white rice) are especially good, indeed as good as such simple fare can be and the baba ganouch is the best I ever have eaten, anywhere. In fact I rate this restaurant as the best Mid Eastern cuisine, anywhere. Another excellent dish that is surprisingly vegan is the collards greens, though heavy on the garlic. Other very worthy very vegan dishes are the mousakaa (which you might know by the French name ratatouille) and the potatoes. Note that the prices are moderate and therefore quite uncharacteristic of Mystic. Also uncharacteristic of Mystic, it offers ample parking. The always adorable waitresses boast some vegetarians among them. While the menu clearly identifies the vegetarian dishes, you must query about what is vegan, which is easy as the owners and wait staff speak "fluent vegan" here.

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My wife and I dine here often and are regulars. There are MANY vegetarian and vegan options throught the menu. The food is the FRESHEST anywhere around Mystic. The owners proudly make all food on site. If you go on a Friday or Saturday night call ahead for seating beacause , with good reason, place is always packed. The owners, all siblings, Vivian, Eddie, and Tony always make you feel like part of the family. Try it once and you will be hooked!

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Don't let the name or the outside of the building discourage you into thinking it's just a sandwich shop. I was pleasently surprised upon walking into the Pita Spot, to find a warm quaint little restaurant.
The food was excellent! The staff was very accommodating. I wish I lived closer! This will be my new "go-to" spot whenever I am on I-95!

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Their menu denotes items which are vegetarian and those that are gluten free. The food is excellent and the atmosphere is small and neighborly. They have about a dozen tables inside and more outside when the weather is warm. The owner, Vivian, does a wonderful job making you feel right at home as well. Food is excellent!

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