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Vegan ice cream shop/bakery/coffee shop

From the website: The idea for Nami was born from our infamous organic ice cream treat- The tSoynami. A tSoynami starts with our homemade tsoft tserve, then we stir in all sorts of goodies like cakes, cookies, chocolate, peanut butter and just about anything you can think of, we've dozens to choose from. Then we thought, why not bake all of our favorite vegan treats here too. Then, yet another light bulb pops up – who doesn't enjoy an organic, shade grown cup of coffee with their sweet treat- so voila. NAMI was born, your one stop shop for the good stuff in life.

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This one's a little tough to review. The first night I went there, I got one of their tsoynami ice cream concoctions. Basically, it's a vegan version of a DQ blizzard.

I was excited to try it but how to say this ... it kind of sucked. The soft serve ice cream they use is pretty bad. It's too much ice and not enough cream, and the flavor is a little weird. I think this may be the Chicago Soy Dairy soft serve, which I've had elsewhere and also disliked. It also took forever to make.

That said, the baked goods at Nami are great. I tried a donut, a cupcake, some of my wife's cookie, and some other things. Everything was really good.

So go to Nami and get anything but their ice cream. This is kind of sad, since they bill themselves as an ice cream shop. They really need to check out the coconut soft serve from The Wedge here in Minneapolis to see vegan soft server should taste.

Also, Sunday brunch was really good. I had chicken and waffles, and both parts were good. It wasn't the most amazing brunch ever, but it's definitely worth trying.

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Tsoynamis are awesome!! Every single person that has ever gone to Green with me and gotten one was thrilled with it. You really can't go wrong with any of the flavours either, I always struggle to decide between the plethora of tempting choices but ultimately end up more than satisfied. Personal favourite: Betterfinger!

Nami doesn't have lunch/dinner (go to Green next door for that) but they have a brunch on Sundays that is great! There is always a fun new special to try. I got a bagel sandwich w/ tofu egg and a Daiya cheese wedge...seriously there's nothing better to describe it than OMG.

The baked goods are pretty hit-or-miss (in the summer heat you really need to get ice cream anyways!). I was really excited to try their donuts and both times they weren't great. The creative toppings (oreo and chick-o-stick) and the frosting was tasty but the texture and flavour of the donut itself was disappointing. Seems like other people like them though so it could just be me.

Add them on Facebook to get the weekly brunch menu and for special events. Non-vegans will love this place!

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