Native Foods

Portland, Oregon


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I can't say enough great things about Native Foods. They're serving up delicious, healthy vegan food and people are coming in droves to eat it.

I think my favorite thing to get here is the Oklahoma Bacon Cheeseburger. You get tasty seitan piled high and topped with plant based bacon and delicious non-dairy cheddar. There's some rich and smoky BBQ sauce to bring it all together. Just recollecting it is making me hungry!

Really, though, when you come here you can't go wrong. I've tried the Native Nachos, the Chicken Run Ranch Burger, and the Scorpion Burger. They're all fantastic.

If you like things spicy, remember to grab some of the chupacabra salsa to heat up whatever you're having! (It's over by the drink fountain.)

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The food here is good, I don't know why it's in a mall outside of Portland. I might eat here more often if they were closer.

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The restaurant is tucked inside the mall and is not visible from the parking lot. We found the location rather awkward given that we were visiting Portland. It's not very accessible if you specifically want to visit Native Foods, but it may be a good location for casual mall visitors.

I wasn't extremely hungry and so I did not sample some of the dishes which require greater mastery of vegan cooking (I had a salad), but the people who were with me seemed to enjoy their meals. The lavender lemonade was nice, and the three sweets that we split (cardamom-rose cupcake, strawberry parfait, and chocolate brownie) were all delicious although I would have liked to see them made with natural sweeteners.

I liked the food enough to seek out the cookbook, and would recommend visiting one of their locations.

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