Cornish Pasty Co.

Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona


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I love this place! They generally have a couple vegan pasty flavors each day, so ask your server. There were a few times they ran out, though (even when I walked in to inquire, then came back an hour later to eat at 4pm - not a busy time).

They have a kind of dark, young, hipster atmosphere with wine and beer options. The vegan Vindaloo is very spicy - good, but spicy! I love the vegan Greek.

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I have gone to the Cornish Pasty Company for years and the pasties are always excellent. Order ahead of time for vegan pasties. Generally I call 2 hours ahead of time for takeout and I end up waiting an extra 1/2 hour. An awesome option for vegans is to build your own pasty adding in different vegetables and herbs. Or a tried and true favorite, the Balsamic Portabello without mozzarella. Eat them fast though before they get soggy!

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The Veggie Philly Steak is gone :[ But the greek salad is yum

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