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I thought this place was great. I loved that they charged per pound, because that meant that we could taste as many different dishes as we wanted! We really liked the pot pie. I'll totally go back the next time we're in SD.

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Nice to see Kung Food reopen. Wish they had a waitstaff and it wasn't this feed line set up. I don't like to eat off of paper plates and then toss them out. At least the plates are biodegradable, but still, I would prefer real sit down dining. The plates get soggy and by the time I finish eating my vegan chicken parm, the plate is getting all torn up from sawing at it with my plastic knife... BAD!!!

Also, charging $7/lb for brown rice, is absurd. They should not have a standard per pound pricing system. I can't see how this restaurant will stay open very long. Regardless of how good the food could be, the set up is really substandard. I hope they rethink this because I have stopped going there.

I would probably have gone there more often if the food was better though. I mean, I can put up with a lot of dumb service and bad ambiance for some great organic vegan cuisine. But everything I have tried from them was pretty bland and I just kept thinking I could make this better myself. Oh well. At least they are trying. We need more vegan restaurants out there. I guess I will just have to start my own, since nobody has gotten it right since Julie Teng at the Formosa in Rancho Bernardo... wish she's reopen, I miss her food terribly- she is one vegan chef that I can't do better than.

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Kung Food is certainly not the best, but they are not the worst , either. The biggest draw is, unfortunately, not the delectability of the cuisine, but the fact that it is all vegan. The service is feed-line style, with dishes in hot trays, two soup tureens, two deli cases, a nice salad bar (with some creative dressing options), and a sweets case. The hot-tray set up often means food is only relatively warm and slightly mangled when it makes its way to your disposable plate. Another drawback might be the price: 5.99 USD a pound for foods, roughly 5.95 USD for a sandwich, and sweets are around 3 USD each.

They have some vegan rarities like lasagne, 'chicken' parmesan, and quiche. Recommended are the Pumpkin Stew, Spinach Aubergine, lasagne, and pot pie.

The highlight? Little treats that would come from heaven if they were not so sinful: Blondies. Do not pass them by! -And get a dollop of vegan soft serve while you are at it!

Ah, and their breakfast buffet is nice and offers many options, but OB People's weekend and wednesday breakfast service EASILY trumps it on taste.

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