Katalina's Kupcakes

New Haven Area, Connecticut

Cupcake shop with multiple vegan offerings

Coffee/Tea/Juice, Grocery/Bakery/Deli

Offers three or four varieties of vegan cupcakes daily, as well as two types of vegan bars, and one or two types of vegan cookies.

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Katalina's Kupcakes makes an excellent addition to New Haven. For one thing, it fills a void for a solid and varied bakery, offering everything from cupcakes to cookies, bars and more.

They always have three or four vegan items, usually two of which are cupcakes. Best of all, Katalina's doesn't shy away from unusual flavors, such as coconut lime or banana split (complete with sprinkles and fudge frosting).

Their cupcakes ($2.75 each) are moist and the frosting isn't overly sweet or buttery. I was also impressed with their oat-fruit bars and look forward to trying their cookies soon.

If Katalina's had more space to sit and get a cup of tea, I'd be here all the time. They only have three large tables, which is a shame, because there's a lot of space in the joint (but most of it goes wasted behind the counter; if they put in some more tables, they could siphon off customers from Koffee and also jack up their revenues from non-baked items such as tea and coffee).

Also, their tea selection is woeful (all bagged varieties you can get at any grocery store); they ought to add some loose-leaf options.

All that said, I'm really happy that Katalina's is around to innovate and create tasty vegan cupcakes and more.

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