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I have heard rumors that not everything that was said to be vegan or vegetarian always actually was.

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whenever i can, as st louis park is kind of a haul for me, i try to stop in to than do. its actually the little sibling to azia off of nicolet, and i actually prefer the food at than do to its upscale counterpart. i've been eating here for years and my two favorite dishes are the vietnamese basil supreme, and the famous cranberry mock duck curry. lunch/dinner rushes can leave this place noisy and crowded, so be prepared to wait.
one thing that i have also noticed, is that after 9 years, the majority of the staff has stayed the same, and i like that.

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This place gets crowded and was bustling when I came for lunch on a Tuesday at 1 p.m. I waited a few minutes for a table. It seems like a business power-lunch hotspot.

The service was friendly, if somewhat inattentive. I skipped the lunch special, as I'm sure the soup offered wasn't vegan; better to just go for the dinner menu and get a larger portion size for leftovers.

My "Garlic Lover's" with tofu was tasty enough, but the sauce was a gloppy, gooey, pinkish cornstarch mixture that seemed better fitted for a strip-mall Chinese take-out joint. Also, they don't offer brown rice, which is a bummer.

Prices are reasonable. I'll try ThanhDo again for their curries and maybe another stir-fry. Generally speaking, I like my pan-Asian food to be prepared lightly, with simple, fresh ingredients and not a lot of extra processing (i.e. corn starch and oil). Delicacy is the key, especially in Vietnamese or Thai food. I'm not sure ThanhDo is capable of this, based on my first visit, but I'm willing to try them again to find out.

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I like their food and the fact that you can substitute mock duck, veggies, or tofu with basically any entree. The rice noodle salad is one of my favorites. They are also good about modifying how spicy any dish is. I can't give it 5 stars because the service is spotty. Generally friendly and fast, but not always. I agree with the previous post that it is better as a take-out restaurant.

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My food was overcooked and the service was very unimpressive. We did have a large group (11 people) but our server had so many other tables that she couldn't keep up with everything. It was very busy there, even though it was a Thursday night, although I believe they are generally busy and should've been adequately staffed.

I tried 3 other dishes and they were all amazing. I think that this is a very good restaurant for take away food if you live in the area, but I don't recommend going with a large group.

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Pretty good food, but lousy service, at least with our group.

They screwed up our order by bringing out and calling one dish (Vegetable Fantasy) that was actually another (Vietnamese Basil). Later, when I was without a meal because they had an unclaimed Vegetable Fantasy, they then proceeded to scold the guy who got the wrong dish, as though it was his fault, as well as me, and was told initially "well, I wrote Vegetable Fantasy down for you!" (which, after looking at the check, she wrote Vietnamese Basil with mock dock down as I had ordered it-- she was just desperately and amateurishly trying to cover for the mix-up by trying to blame both of us). Plus, they never apologized once to either of us.

Plus, they never brought the hot sauce that we requested (and for some reason, they don't keep any sauces on the table, inclduing soy sauce). And they only came around to fill our water once the whole night. They just didn't care, as they probably figured that they were getting their mandatory 18% large-group tip.

I'm not going back, although the food was pretty good (Vietnamese basil), but it was a thoroughly negative first impression for me. I hope that yours is a better experience if you go and that Thanh Do enjoys their karmic reward for their injustice and indifference.

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On my most recent excursion I shared two delicious entrees (Thai Style Curry - Green and Thai Basil Supreme). They were both delicious with just the right amount of spicy; right on the edge of my tolerance. They even had special veggie dumplings that night which were pretty good. I've never been disappointed and I would go back to Thanhdo anytime.

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Their Thai style spring rolls with tofu are not my thing - very bland. But the Basil Pad Thai with bell peppers and mock duck is definitely my thing. The service was great, the appetizers came amazingly fast. A little pricey, but I thought the entree was really good, so it's good for a treat once in a while. I had a really tough time deciding on what to order because everything looked so good. The Mongolian mock duck dish was good, but a bit sweet for me.

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i went to Thanh Do for the first time the other day, and ordered the pad thai (which i consider a sort of benchmark dish) with tofu. the pad thai was pretty good, but completely lacking in any tangy zest or zing. i think if it had come with maybe 3 lime wedges instead of 1, that could have rescued it.. but as it was, it tasted entirely sweet, umami and salty -- no discernable sour component to balance it out.

a friend ordered a green curry noodle dish that was quite good, although there was this odd greenish coating on the noodles that looked like it was caused by some sort of algae.. but it tasted good. also, the hot and sour soup that came before the meal was very tasty.

in general, it seems like Thanh Do serves very good food. the lunch specials were reasonably priced, too. i look forward to visiting again, and either ordering something other than pad thai, or requesting extra lime wedges with it!

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Since they opened, I've never had a bad meal at ThanhDo. The staff is always friendly and the wait is minimal at most. I consider this place my little "hidden treasure" in St. Louis Park. I'm especially fond of their cranberry curry as of late.

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I'm quite fond of ThanhDo. Most items they do well, and there are TWO choices of veg springrolls! They don't seem to mind groups of people either.

The family who owns ThanhDo also own Azia (on Nicollet Ave in minneapolis)

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I've found this place to be generally good, but there have been occasional flops. My wife once ordered the Singapore fried rice noodles and they were incredibly sweet and borderline inedible. However, almost everything else I've had there has been from good to excellent.

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