Elm Health

Manhattan, New York City


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I've walked past this place a million times but never gave it much thought. I went in for a juice but the line was long, the produce (in the juice bar) looked slightly sad, and I wasn't impressed with whoever was working at the juice bar.

All that said, I went in tonight (with a coupon!) and had a great experience. They offer a huge variety of vegan and organic items and while the prices are comparable to other health food stores (like Lifethyme and Earthmatters) - slightly pricey! - they had some really good deals that I was able to stock up on. I was particularly excited that they carry the large container of the (new?) almond milk yogurt - AND it was really cheap. I've only seen the small containers at a couple stores around the city but I hate wasting all the small cups so I prefer to buy the large tubs. Thanks!

I was also impressed with the deli. The vegan offerings (egg roll, potato knish, soy chicken nuggets) were much more interesting than I expected. I was also really glad to see they offered Vegan Diva sweet treats to mix things up a bit. I was juice fasting when I stopped in today but I will certainly be back for soy nuggets and a donut!

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