Watkins Health Food

Manhattan, New York City


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I've been to both Watkins locations on 116th and here on 125th and while I prefer the 116th location because it offers more hot food and a larger selection of produce and groceries, the 125th street location is also lovely.

I originally stopped in for a hot snack but they only had 2 egg rolls to chose from (one may have been vegan), so I just got some cake and went to Uptown Juice Bar for hot food. I like that they carry Red Mango vegan baked goods instead of Vegan Treats, which has nearly dominated the NYC market. I went with the red velvet cake this time, which was moist and delicious, and perfectly sweet. I think I prefer it to the pecan cake, which I had last time.

I also picked up some French Onion tofutti cream cheese, which is less common than the plain variety and, in my opinion, has MUCH more flavor. They also had some ridiculously cheap grapeseed oil so I grabbed a bottle of that.

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