Watkins Health Food

Manhattan, New York City


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This is a real gem in the neighborhood because the surrounding area is mostly fast food and bodegas that lack healthy and vegetarian food. For the small space, Watkins stocks a good variety of products!

I stopped in for a snack the other day around noon but they said the hot buffet wouldn't be ready for another 30 minutes or so. :( I went with the calalloo patty (calalloo is often referred to as "Jamaican spinach"), which ran about $3 - not bad. I also got the vegan Caribbean egg roll, which was very tasty - stuffed with rice, beans, and jerk seasonings, but overpriced at $5. I finished it off with a slice of praline pecan cake that was $4.50 (a little pricey, but typical, I suppose), which was fantastic. I was eyeing up the red velvet so will have to grab that next time.

I must say that my favorite feature of this place is that they stock Red Mango vegan bakery - and a good variety! That had 5 or 6 cakes when I was in! The vast majority of veg restaurants in NYC have been stocking the same 6 Vegan Treats cakes forever so it's nice to have some variety.

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