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My friends and I went to the restaurant in Scottsdale. I ordered the transparent noodle dish and when it came out it smelt of dead fish and meat. I returned it with out taking a bite and requested them for Pad Thai instead. The greeter first came with a haughty face and asked me why I refused. I explained. Then the server came and said you won't be able to refuse the Pad Thai. I agreed. I waited for half an hour and my frienda had finished their food when I asked the server where my food was and he said that they refuse to give it to me. When I asked the greeter started arguing as I asked her when were you going to tell me that I was not going to get my food.

Overall a bad experience and my friends and I decided never to go there. I am a vegetarian but I am pretty reasonable about this stuff but the food smell was so awful that my friends who are hard core non vegetarians could not stand it too. The Customer Service sucked big time of course.

Please think twice before you go there. There are much better Thai restaurants.

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I always enjoyed the food at this restaurant. I love spicy and hot food, so, I always order 5 stars. It really HOT! But, i love it. Especially the Fried rice and red curry. Yummy!!!!

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I love Swadee! It's the best Thai food I've had in Phoenix. They have many veg*n options, I've loved every one I've tried. The papaya salad is fantastic, as are all the curries. Things can get very spicy, so beware if you are not used to spicy food.

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