Annapurna Bhavan

Twin Cities, Minnesota

Closed as of Jan 13 12

4920 Central Ave NE
Columbia Heights, MN 55421


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Vegetarian Indian on Central Ave

They offer a fairly standard menu of north and south Indian dishes, including curries, dosa, utthapam, etc.

They offer a daily lunch buffet from 11:30-2:30, except on Monday, when they are closed.

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The food here is good, but not quite as good as some of its predecessors in the same space (Amu's and Udupi, specifically). I particularly like the appetizers I've had. All of the deep fried items are tasty and grease-free, which is nice.

Their dosas and curries are decent, but not quite amazing.

The service is friendly but sometimes a bit confused and disorganized, even when there's not many people in the restaurant.

The buffet is a good value, and usually has a good selection of vegan items. They've gotten better about labeling vegan items at the buffet, though there's always a few that have no labels at all, which can be confusing.

Overall, I'd still recommend this place, but if you live closer to Dosa King in Spring Lake Park, you might as well go there for veg Indian food.

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I went here for dinner as part of a large group and must say that the quality of the company exceeded the quality of the restaurant. I ordered a masala dosa which is my favorite thing to get at a South Indian restaurant. The crepe was excellent but the filling was heavy on mashed potatoes and turmeric and exceedingly light on onion or other spices. The sambar served alongside the dosa was good but was the smallest portion of sambar I've ever received in a restaurant. I also shared a friend's sambar vada and would definitely consider getting this appetizer again.

Other thoughts - several people ordered vegetable samosas which were quite good but were served without chutney. I've never seen samosas served without the standard accoutrements. Upon my request the server brought chutneys for everyone but I found it peculiar.

The ambiance definitely needs work. There is little decor to speak of and the room feels quite empty and impersonal.

I love South Indian food but this restaurant, while satisfactory, falls short of my expectations in execution and atmosphere.

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$ - inexpensive


  • Indian


  • Buffet
  • Kid-Friendly
  • Large Group-Friendly



11:30am - 2:30pm;
5pm - 10pm

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