V-Nam Cafe

Manhattan, New York City


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Although I'm a long-time fan of Lan Cafe (vegetarian Vietnamese restaurant down the street), I love Vietnamese food so much that I felt I owed it to myself to try at least one other Vietnamese restaurant in the city. I happened to walk past V-Nam and was pleasantly surprised to find that they offer many vegan options.

I'm a huge fan of pho (traditional Vietnamese soup), so I was really glad that they offer a separate veggie broth for the soup, as I've come across quite a few Vietnamese restaurants that offer a "vegetarian pho", but they only offer beef broth. I ordered the pho and got it with tofu, although soy chicken was also offered. Not only was the soup very flavorful and delicious, but I the tofu was simply amazing on its own. Instead of throwing the tofu in the soup, which most restaurants do, it was served in a bowl alongside the soup. The tofu was so flavorful and slightly crispy & chewy, that only half of it made it into my soup since I just snacked on the rest of it.

Service was prompt and friendly and the food is very affordable. The ambiance is pretty plain but it's the perfect place to stop in for a quick dinner or snack.

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