Di Lac Vietnamese Cuisine

Peninsula and South Bay, California


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I think I need to add this to my list of favorite restaurants of all time (along with Golden Era in San Francisco). For full disclosure purposes, I'm a Vietnamese fiend so that skews my vote!

This restaurant was recommended to me by a non-vegetarian, Vietnamese colleague, as being one of her favorite restaurants. I LOVE pho, but I order it all the time and Di Lac had a much wider selection of vegan soups than most Vietnamese restaurants so I took the opportunity to order the mixed vegetable soup. I ordered the "small" for $7.50, which turned out to be a gigantic bowl of goodness, so I can only imagine how big the "large" is, for a few dollars more. The soup had a delicious broth and the veggies were bright, tender, and perfectly cooked. Yum!

For my entree, I really wanted a lemongrass chicken dish but the server informed me that the chicken isn't vegan, it's only vegetarian. So glad he was well-informed! I asked if he could recommend anything good with lemongrass and he suggested a dry tofu with lemongrass. I'm not sure if it's on the menu somewhere or if he just made it up, but it was fantastic! The tofu was very dry (intentionally), crispy on the outside, and served with a thick lemongrass/chili compote/chutney sort of topping and a side of shaved cabbage. The dish was unusual, in that it had no official sauce, and came with no veggies or rice. That said, the flavor was very unique and delicious.

My co-worker (a non-vegetarian), ordered the eggplant clay pot, which she absolutely loved. I'm not huge on eggplant but the flavor of the curry sauce was tremendous. I also got the taro shake with soy milk, which was nice and sweet, but the consistency wasn't as creamy as I've had other places.

Our server had a very strong accent so he was difficult to understand at times but he was exceedingly friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to please. I will definitely be back!

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