India Cafe

Iowa City, Iowa


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I ate here two days in a row, and found the food quite tasty. The Tandoori Tofu was particularly flavorful, and the dal and rice were excellent, as was the veggie curry and a cabbage and carrot dish. You could tell the cilantro they used was truly fresh. The only disappointment was the pakoras. Excellent service, too. I would definitely eat here again.

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India Cafe is a great place. Definitely check them out for their 7$ lunch buffet which I think is a great deal. They change up their options quite frequently, so it doesn't get old. Food is delicious and always plentiful.

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The first time that my boyfriend and I ate here, we both got sick (my food was vegetarian, he had a chicken dish - no sharing). It tasted quite good though, and we thought it might have been a fluke, so we decided to give it another shot a few months later when some friends asked us to join them. Well, the second time that we ate there, we both got sick again. We'll stick to Masala from now on.

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