EXKI Agora

Brussels, Belgium


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Exki to the rescue! While sightseeing, we didn't want to take time to stop for a full blown meal with waiter and all, but wanted a good meal, and this was the perfect fix. They had an excellent variety. Shared an awesome vegan mediterranean wrap, carrot soup, and salad with home baked bread that really hit the spot. You could either take pick up your packaged item to go, serve yourself from the small buffet, or both. The buffet had hot food including veg lasagna, pizza, soups, green or fruit salad, and more. Plenty of room to sit inside and this location has a WC in the basement (costs a few cents). Can easily accommodate a group of 6-10 in the dining area.
Turns out there are many locations, but we went to this one twice since it was so central.

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