Maud Borup

Twin Cities, Minnesota

Closed as of Nov 28 07

3001 Hennepin Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408


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Fine Chocolate Shop


They sell mostly gourmet chocolates, but also have licorice and can make coffee drinks, too.

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It has been my experience that finding higher end individual vegan chocolates is difficult, so I was excited to find this place. I was told that their solid dark chocolates, as well as nuts and fruits dipped in dark chocolate are vegan. We tried the dark chocolate almond bark and dipped apricots - the almond bark was pretty good, and the apricots were fine, but super sweet. They're imported from Australia, in case that matters to you.

They weigh their chocolates and price them by the pound, which is nice since you can request less or more of most.

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Calhoun Square Mall


On the first floor, across from Figlio's.


Wheelchair Accessible



10am - 9pm
10am - 10pm
noon - 6pm

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