Baums Natural Foods

St. John, Indiana


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Baums has 3 locations in the area and they all specialize in vitamins, herbs and specialty supplements. They have a small but varied selection of Amy's frozen meals, Diana's Bananas, coconut milk ice cream and some other vegan staples. If you're in the area, it's definitely worth popping in if only to talk to Lee who is the store's vegan guru. She can find you a bottle of gelatin-free vitamins quicker than you can do a fresh wheat grass shot.

A host of products can be found on the store's shelves including baby care items, books, candles, cleaners, protein drink mixes and energy products.

In addition, Baums offers a juice bar, Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath that removes harmful stored toxins, massage, reflexology, accupuncture, body wraps, a Far Infrared Sauna, ear candling, hair analysis, live blood cell testing and Certified Nutritionist consultations.

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