Bombay Spice Grill

Chicago, Illinois


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What I love*love*love about this place is the way they mark their menu. Not only is there a little green leaf next to the vegetarian items, there is a green circle with a 'V' next to the vegan items. As a new vegan, this makes surfing the menu so much easier for me. Wouldn't it be great if all menus were like this?

The next thing that impressed me was the way the items are listed on the menu. It's my personal pet peeve when restaurants - even veg-friendly restaurants - list the meat items first and put the vegetarian ones at the bottom of the list. Like we are an afterthought. Veg items are front and center on this menu.

Now to the food. I can vouch for the mango salad, samosas, and curry tofu with basmati rice (all vegan). They have a vegetarian AND vegan salads, cold appetizers and hot appetizers. Then the way it works is you crate your own entree by first choosing basmati rice, brown rice or quinoa (all vegan). They also offer noodles. Then choose from 8 kinds of vegetables or tofu and add a house-made sauce. All 5 of their sauces are vegan. It is awesome to have the menu so wide open for vegans.

Note: roti bread is vegan, naan is not.

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