Yellow Sunshine

Berlin, Germany


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I wanted to eat here everyday. I held back and STILL ate here three times in one short trip. Great standby if you're in Kreuzberg. I loved the fake fish and the soy steak with cheese (both vegan). At any given moment, they do seem to be out of one or two of the "meats", but go with the flow. Everything is delicious.

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Location: This is a very, very popular joint in Kreuzberg, and is located right next to the famous "Wild at Heart" Rock club.

The Menu: As a vegan you're pretty much looking at a fast food joint, which is not necessarily bad, one just wishes for less fatty options. Personally I found the Seitan Burger way to dry and tasteless. But hey, the good side is I loved the "Pepperman-Cheeze" burger, and that's why I went back! Also: the "Fakin' Fish" is a huge hit with me as well as any carnivores I have lunched with while there.

Tip: Get away from the burgers and try the "Giros Plate" Which has a very convincing Greek tatziki sauce. Also: Soy Chai and Soy Coffee drinks, Blended Fruit drinks, and Bio Beer are also offered.
Sweets: The Muffins are nothing special, but on a recent visit on April 4th, 2008 they had Vegan Tiramisu.

Staff: Very friendly, Students, Alternatives, Punkers.

Atmosphere: Hippie type music (lol!), nice bright, hence "Sunshine"

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When I was there they were out of the vegan chicken patties, but instead I ordered the vegan "Fakin' Fish" sandwich. This was amazing and had a nice creamy tartar sauce. Delicious.

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The Yellow Sunshine is Germany's first organic fast food restaurant.

That means almost all the ingredients are from organic agriculture. It's not only completely vegetarian, they use green energy and their car refuels with used chip fat!

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