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Chicago, Illinois


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Native is wonderful. I've been going to the one in Costa Mesa for a couple of years now and I was not disappointed in Chicago. The beauty of it being fast-casual is that it is extremely consistent. I've never been disappointed. The menu is extremely solid. The Oklahoma Bacon Cheeseburger is DELICIOUS! The chik'n fingers are amazing and I recommend getting buffalo sauce AND ranch and dip in both or mix the two.

The scorpion burger is good if you want something a tiny bit lighter and more wholesome- it's awesome. The Reuben is the best vegan Reuben I've ever had, Tony thinks it's even better than the one he had at the Chicago Diner! (Though that one was really really good too!)

I haven't had a single thing at Native that I haven't liked. Not one thing. If you're having trouble deciding what to order just go with the special- you get a side with your meal for free and everything is delicious so you can't go wrong!

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This place is fantastic! The food is healthy, tasty, interesting, and affordable. The service was friendly and the place was clean and spacious. It's the kind of place where you could eat at every week.

They are quite clever in their marketing: they don't make it clear before you walk in the door that everything is vegan. However, they do make it clear that their food is animal-friendly. Also, their food is mainstream enough (e.g. an abundance of meat and dairy analog foods) to appeal to a wide spectrum of people, but healthy enough to satisfy the health-conscious vegans.

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I was very pleased with my first Native Foods experience. The staff is friendly and helpful. I had the saigon roll and the mushroom sausage sandwich. Both were excellent. My only mild complaint is that the potato salad side seemed a bit bland. They gave me a cupcake sample, which was tasty. There are so many wonderful-looking options, I'll have to come back soon.

Review addition: I've been back several times and sampled a number of other dishes including the Rockin' Moroccan bowl and their version of a Reuben sandwich. It has all been excellent. I definitely recommend this place.

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