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In my opinion, Dishdash has the best Middle Eastern food in the Bay Area, by far. I've been dining there occasionally for over 7 years, and the food is consistently delicious. It's somewhat expensive, but well worth the price.

The Maza appetizer sampler for two is one of our standard orders, and can be made vegan by omitting feta cheese from the tomato-eggplant grill, and omitting yogurt from the cucumber salad. There are 6 vegetarian entrees, of which the M'shakeleh rice and eggplant dish is the best, and it is unique. It's served with a tomato-yogurt sauce, but vegans can ask them to omit it or use a plain tomato sauce. Finally, lacto-vegetarians will want to try the delectable M'halabieh rice and rosewater creamy pudding, reminiscent of the Indian/Afghan dessert Firni. The cocktail menu has some intriguing choices, and the wine selection is good.

The restaurant has grown out into neighboring store space and has plenty of seating, but is still always crowded, and reservations are highly recommended for dinner.

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