Third Coast Spice Cafe

Chesterton, Indiana


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Update: Third Coast now has two vegan burritos! They also have 3 different flavors of vegan oatmeal. If they would only get SOY SAUSAGE, this place would be so much better.

If Third Coast would only offer a tofu scramble and soy sausage, it would be perfection. As a vegetarian, you will do very well as there are many veggie items offered. As a vegan, you'll do as well as you are going to do in northwest Indiana without driving an hour to Chicago. The staff is very knowledgeable about vegan diets. In fact, I was veganizing my build-your-own-omelette (soy cheese, ordering an omelette with no egg, etc) and the waitress asked, "Are you vegan?". I said yes and she asked if I wanted the 'omelette' scrambled with olive oil instead of butter. That is really good attention to deal - the type of which you simply do not see very often in, I'm sorry to say but this mostly unenlightened part of the country. She then pointed out all the other vegan items on the menu and offered that just about anything I wanted they would do their best to make vegan for me. Very impressive. However, what would be even more impressive is simply having more vegan items on the that tofu scramble and soy sausage.

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