Good Harbor Grill

Glen Arbor, Michigan


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Good Harbor Grill is a breath of fresh air in Northwest Michigan. Soy sausage, Silk soymilk, tofu scrambles, fresh fruit, oatmeal, granola...what a delight! I'm a frequent traveler to the region and I can tell you that no where has as good a vegan breakfast as this restaurant. I'm talking from Petoskey and Harbor Springs to Kalkaska to Traverse City, Suttons Bay, Northport, Empire to Manistee and everywhere in between. I'm a vegan traveler. Meaning, I will vacation somewhere just to try the veg restaurants. So I have pretty thoroughly scouted the area. If anyone knows of anywhere as good as this, let me know cuz I haven't found it!

The Dish Cafe in Traverse City has good breakfasts for vegetarians with the egg and cheese burrittos they offer. But vegans are stuck with the oatmeal - which is awesome by the way- but you can only have oatmeal so many days in a row. If the Lake Street Cafe inside Oryana Foods in Traverse City would serve breakfast, they'd give Good Harbor Grill a run for their money, but they don't. Greenhouse Cafe in TC has a good vegetarian breakfast but crap for vegans. For breakfast in Petoskey, you're looking at the Roast and Toast Cafe. Great coffee but for a vegan breakfast you've only got the oatmeal.

Prior to discovering this restaurant, Glen Arbor held my interest as a place for a day trip only. You know, kayak down the Crystal River, maybe check out the beach at Lake Michigan and that's about it. With the discovery of Good Harbor Grill, I'm turning this into a 3-day weekend retreat. I can't wait to go back!

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