Kabab Grille

Richmond, Virginia


rating star

I love Kabab Grille! I've been a vegetarian for almost 20 years, so I've had my share of Indian buffets and veggie food; Kabab Grille is by far the best! They have several veggie curry dishes as well as veggie kababs and sides. I would definitely recommend the matar paneer or shahi paneer. For an appetizer, the samosa platter is to die for!

Kabab Grille isn't just for vegetarians though. My boyfriend and family are meat eaters and are just as enthusiastic about the food as I am. For spice lovers, nihari seems to be the favorite. Otherwise, the seekh kabab is promising as well. Pretty much everything on the menu will certainly please you.

Beyond the food what makes this restaurant awesome is the service. It is family owned and they are very personable. By your second visit the owners will know you and come talk to you.

The buffet features several veggie dishes, so unlike other restaurants it won't be a waste for us non-meat eaters. I definitely give Kabab Grill two thumbs up and enthusiastically recommend it for anyone looking for some ethnic flair.

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