The Vegan Joint

Los Angeles, California


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My wife and I were pretty happy with the meal we had at The Vegan Joint, and wouldn't mind trying it again on a future visit to L.A. Be warned that most of the food is somewhat oily, so if you're concerned about the health aspect, you might need to make some special requests to reduce the fat content of your meal. The prices are very reasonable. The interior decor is fairly basic, but the staff is pleasant and friendly.

I had a Lentil Brown Rice burger on a whole wheat bun with the usual burger fixings and Vegenaise instead of mayo. It didn't blow me away, but it was quite satisfactory. I also liked their sweet potato fries (very generously sized basket) with tomato ketchup. A good dessert option if you're feeling self-indulgent would be to try the bite-sized vegan mini-cupcakes in their refrigerator section. They are not made onsite, but they taste great. We had the chocolate banana cupcakes and enjoyed them.

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