Tigelleria Ristorante

Peninsula and South Bay, California


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My wife and I just went to Tigelleria again for a special occasion and had an outstanding organic and vegan meal, as usual. The food there is not cheap, but it's unique and well worth it. I haven't seen such innovative vegetarian/vegan Italian cuisine anywhere else in the U.S.

We started with their flatbreads with gourmet spreads (arugula pesto, roasted red bell pepper dip, and green olive tapenade). I ordered a black cherry rose martini cocktail which was quite good, and then had a very tasty black kale salad with chopped mangoes and toasted pine nuts. My wife had a mushroom and pear salad that was ordinary. Both salads normally come with special cheeses, but the restaurant is happy to make them vegan. The menu has special icons next to dishes that can be made vegan even if the original has lacto-ovo content.

My entree was a vegan polenta casserole with fava bean puree, broccoli rabe, and porcini mushrooms, topped with a peperonata sauce of roasted red bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes. I thoroughly enjoyed this. My wife had a mushroom, rice, and butternut squash that had a bit too much oil for her taste, but I thought was pretty tasty. We closed with an awesome vegan soymilk dark chocolate mousse topped with an orange liqueur sauce.

All the vegetables and dairy items at this restaurant are organic. It's very popular and has only 14 tables that are always packed, so reservations are essential any day of the week.

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