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Atmosphere: 3.0
Good if you like pretty fancy. It had a mostly romantic atmosphere, so if you're looking for that it did it pretty well. Dimmed lights and classic decor.

Service: 3.5
See above, good if you like pretty fancy. One of the staff came to the table with our food and then described things to us, and then mixed the salad, and served us our soup. That sort of fancy. That said, the food came pretty quickly and the folks there were very helpful with our questions.

Food: 3.5
We got the tea leaf salad, samusa soup, lotus chips, and yellow bean tofu. Both the tea leaf salad and yellow bean tofu were fantastic, but the soup and chips were just good, but not amazing. The salad had a really great mixture of textures and flavours, and if you haven't had tea leaves in food before, you should definitely try it, because it's different from everything else. The yellow bean tofu was super creamy and had a sauce topping it that was drinkable.

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