Old World Pizza

Twin Cities, Minnesota


rating star

I've been to Old World Pizza twice with my very gorgeous lady friend, and I like it. I also like to call it Auld World Pizza, as in Auld Lang Syne (runs off to sing, throws confetti, then comes back to write this review... jazz hands!).

Anyhow, their prices are reasonable for the quality. The pizzas have thin crusts with generous toppings and both times the pizzas were cooked for the perfect amount of time. The salad bar is all-youse-can-eat... small, but with enough toppings to keep us happy. Baddabing!

Wait staff and cashiers have been helpful and polite, polite enough that we returned and will return again.

Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind? I don't know. Eat a pizza here!

rating star

Old World Pizza has an excellent selection of toppings. I've had the Meatless Marvel and the Macaroni and Cheese pizzas, and they were both excellent. We've also had a pizza with sauerkraut and green olives, which was also delicious.

We've also had very good service when we've been there. The staff is friendly and helpful, and also very prompt.

I've also really enjoyed the salad bar. They have excellent salad dressings available. It only costs $2.50 to add the salad bar when you've ordered pizza (and it's only $4.95 if you didn't order pizza, but I'm guessing that doesn't happen very often!). I especially like that they have pickle spears on the salad bar :)

I highly recommend this restaurant. It's spacious and has a nice atmosphere, with friendly service staff and excellent food.

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