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Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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Our first experience with the Comet Cafe was the long line out the front door on a Sunday morning. This place is SUPER popular. My Wife and I prefer less people at restaurants, so we waited a few hours and came back, around 3pm or so.

We were seated immediately and ordered a Half Order of Deep Fried Vegan Riblets. Amazing! I had to double check with the waiter to make sure they gave us the Vegan version of the ribs, which they did.

My Wife had and loved the Vegan Ruben without Cheese. I had the Vegan Salisbury Steak, and while I felt it could use more of that wonderful Mushroom gravy, I was still quite satisfied. Plus, the Mashed Potatoes were just the way I like them, mashed but NOT pureed.

We've been back to the Comet a few more times since our initial visit, always during the slow time of the day, and we're convinced that we've found our new favorite restaurant.

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Comet is one of my least-favorite vegan-friendly places in Milwaukee because their service and food availability is so inconsistent. I visited last week and the wait was about 30 minutes (likely due to holiday travelers) but the service was very friendly. My non-veg sister joined me and loved her vegan Reuben, which made me quite happy. I tried the vegan seitan Philly, which was good, but the Riverwest Co-op's is way better.

The previous 3 times I have been there, they were out of the vegan deep fried ribs, which is my all-time favorite. One time, because they were out of the ribs, and also out of a few other vegan items, my group of friends and I all had to get the vegan gyros, which they totally skimped on, likely because they were low on seitan.

Last time, I thought I'd call ahead and be safe. The guy answering the phone rudely said they had the vegan ribs. I asked again, explaining that I had come in a few other times in the past, only to find out they were out. Again, he said they had them. Guess what. I got there and they didn't have the ribs. Not cool, Comet!

They did have the vegan ribs this last time I went, and they were very good, but probably better split as an appetizer, versus as a meal since it's so greasy. Some other quick opinions about their items: the Reuben is very good, the vegan "pulled pork" sandwich is really just cold cuts so it's not spectacular, and their homemade vegan cheese sauce is decent, but nothing to brag about (tastes like a basic nutritional yeast/margarine combination).

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Great atmosphere, attentive staff, good eats. You can't go wrong here!

Definitely check it out if yer in Milwaukee.

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Very convenient location on the East side. Have taken my cousin here once and he claims it is his favorite restaurant. I agree that the food is very, very good. Southernish food in a hip restaurant should make for a good time. I have never run into the restaurant not having the food I wanted. The downfalls with Comet is that is gets so packed during the evening that you are sure to wait 30+ minutes just to have a table. And even if the restaurant is not busy, service sort of blows. You will be clearly done eating and wait over ten minutes just for your server to bring you the bill. If you are going to Comet, go on a Sunday mid afternoon if you do not want to sit in an over crowded restaurant waiting for food.

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Comet's only problem is its popularity-it is always super-crowded and noisy. They recently banned smoking before 10 so it is much more pleasant now.

Portions are huge and good. My boyfriend and I think the best items are the vegan big luck burger, the gyro, and the vegan blt. Though it's pretty greasy you can sub a nice salad for $2.

Comet's beer list is incredible-great variety. I wish they'd mark the beer list as to which are vegan because we don't know a lot of them!

The service is almost always fantastic, and I had a server warn me once about honey in the salad dressing, so you know they are knowledgable!

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They have great vegan options, but it sucks when it comes to the table with cheese on it. Other than that, the food is great, the portions are huge, brunch is awesome, but waiting an hour for a table is nuts.

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Comet Cafe is great, if a bit small. Almost everything on their menu can be made vegan or vegetarian. I had a superb veg reuben for St. Patrick's Day. Service is great and the drinks are strong.

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The food is really good, but at the heart of it all it's all about the money and the hipsters that have it.

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