Genghis Khan Mongolian BBQ

Kansas City, Missouri


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They are so vegan friendly here, I love it. The cooks, when told that you're vegetarian, are very conscienious about keeping your food separate on the grill from the meat. Great place to go with a group and everybody is happy. And no, this is not just like every other mongolian BBQ, the quality here is miles above a place like BD's (which I like, but it just doesn't compare to Genghis Khan).

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You might thing that all Mongolian BBQ is the same, but then you would be wrong. Genghis Khan far surpasses any other Mongolian BBQ I have tried. First, their tofu is wonderful. It is locally made by a small company in Lawrence, KS. Second, they always have a large variety of fresh veggies and good sauces. Third, they will bring you vegetarian tofu soup before your meal for free if you ask for it. Fourth, they have amazing drinks. If you are ever in KC, try this place.

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