Shuang Cheng

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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As far as Americanized Chinese food goes, Shuang Cheng is pretty good, and has a much larger selection of vegan/vegetarian selections than most Chinese places.

We shared a curry mock duck, modified to have more vegetables ($8.25) and a spicy vegetarian vegetables ($7.95). Make sure to ask questions about ingredients, as some dishes contain oyster sauce.

I thought the curry mock duck was tasty in a salty-MSG way. Tender mock duck and a large portion size make this dish a good value.

The spicy vegetarian vegetables was bland, though, and the sauce had so much cornstarch that it congealed into a thick glop. It also skimped on the tofu.

And, as expected, there's no brown rice available. Say it with me, folks: brown rice tastes good and does a body good. Not offering brown rice at an Asian restaurant is akin to having only Wonder Bread at a sandwich shop. It's sacrilege.

Given that Camdi is so hit-or-miss, I like that Shuang Cheng provides an alternative veg-friendly option in Dinkytown. If you're looking for excellent Chinese food go to Evergreen. But if you just want a quick, cheap stir-fry and aren't in Uptown, Shuang Cheng does a slightly above-average job.

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Open on Thanksgiving, which is the only reason I went!

I think the other reviews sum it up much better than I could. It's definitely a very good veggie choice in Dinkytown.

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Nothing special about this restaurant, pretty much the same as every other Americanized Chinese restaurant...decent prices though if you are looking for a cheap Chinese restaurant and also the staff is friendly.

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Discovered their sesame tofu dish last week, and I'm thinking about eating there tomorrow as well. I've never been to Evergreen, and so cannot compare. But if you're in Dinkytown or on the East Bank of the University of Minnesota, this place is worth looking at.

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The food here tastes good, is reasonably priced for the large portions, and is above the standard of average Chinese food in America. You'll spend about $7-9 for an average vegetarian dish, with rice and a pot of generic tea included. The total, with tax and tip, will equate to about $11-12 per meal.

I can recommend a number of dishes, including the curry mock dock (my favorite), as well as the vegetable delight and Chinese broccoli. There is nothing special about the food, the service or the decor, but it is still quite modest and satisfying all around. If you're in Dinkytown, this is a pretty good option, although with Camdi's recently expanded vegan menu, for example, you could do even better.

Sometimes the service can be more indifferent than I like (very efficient, but not friendly). I've had better experiences at other Chinese places, such as at Evergreen, which is more vegan-friendly to begin with as well.

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This is bog standard Americanized Chinese. It could be worse, but it could be better. If you can, go to Evergreen Chinese on Nicollet instead, as that is the best veg-friendly Chinese in town by a very, very wide margin.

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