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Delicious! I'm a big fan of the other veggie options in Harlem (particularly the new and improved Uptown Juice Bar and Cafe Veg), but Mobay offers a very different experience. It's more upscale and more appropriate for a date or nice dinner. It's also one of the few places you can get decent vegan food and watch sports. An important basketball game happened to be on the night I dined there so the bar was full of excited fans. Everyone was fun and friendly but I wasn't in the mood for sports so I dined in the back of the restaurant and enjoyed listening to the R&B music playing.

I decided on the tofu with brown gravy because the menu described it as being addictive or something to that effect and it was quite good. For my sides, I went with the collard greens, which were also very good, although I can't say I've really had "bad" collards in my experience. What I really enjoyed was the cabbage. The waitress recommended the cabbage over the sweet potatoes (the other vegetarian option), but cabbage is often prepared minimally and can be quite bland so I wasn't sure what to expect. The cabbage, however, absolutely blew me away. It was lightly cooked (steamed or sauteed) so it was still a bit crisp and it had onions (perhaps white and green) and just had a very strong, very delicious flavor. I mostly ate the cabbage alone but it was also very good mixed with the tofu so that the tofu wasn't so heavy.

My meal was $15, which is certainly pricier than any other vegan restaurant in the area, but the food was very well prepared, the service was excellent, and I really enjoyed the ambiance. I will definitely be back!

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