BiBi's Patisserie

Lafayette, Louisiana


rating star

I am astounded at what Bibi's has been able to do. I know how hard it is to bake gluten-free and vegan and they have managed to do it spectacularly. Their chocolate cupcakes are black as sin and so moist it was as though they'd just pulled them out of the oven. The vanilla cupcakes are amazing, not just good, and had layers of flavor that were wholly unexpected. This isn't an it's-good-for-a-health-food bakery, these people are artists. Flavors, textures, garnishes, everything is top notch and putting in all in a beautiful house with a wrap-around porch, real china and staffing it with knowledgeable, hospitable people make for a perfect place to spend a good hour or so. So freakin' good I want to cry, you must go.

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